We don’t shy away from challenges. Facing obstacles head on with honesty and integrity defines us. We don’t know how to operate any other way. It is our tradition, our foundation, and our commitment to the future. Lydig isn’t just for today or tomorrow, Lydig is for the long-term. Every decision is measured by and filtered through our company values: fairness, honesty and quality. We are built on these values. We are built with integrity. We are Lydig.

We invest in our people. Raising the bar for our own and those around us is tantamount to true success, and we can only achieve it together. We care about our clients. We care about building. We care about business. And it all begins and ends with people.

Success is more than getting the job done. It’s satisfying the demands, both intangible and obvious, in a way that is so much more than completing a job well done. We’ve been building relationships since 1956, and know the best work we do is forging partnerships and doing our best to grow our communities.

What Our Clients Say


“Kelso School District has enjoyed a good working relationship with Gus Gottschalk, Lydig Construction, and I cannot say enough about his willingness to work with the district in a collaborative, cooperative manner.”

Dr. Glenys Hill
Kelso School District

“Lydig Construction has extensive GC/CM experience and that collective experience contributed immeasurably to the success of the various tasks that were required to be completed during both the design and construction periods.  Lydig’s extensive knowledge of construction, coordination of subcontractors and the intricacies of the GC/CM program contributed directly to the overall success of this project as well as the District’s Capital Program.”

John Hultman
Eastmont School District, East Wenatchee

“The complexity of today’s construction environment requires bringing together the skills of many people to accomplish a project’s goals and objectives.  Lydig is particularly adept at assembling such a team who can skillfully handle these complex responsibilities.  I would welcome them again as a contractor on one of our projects.”

John Dormaier
Mead School District

“I quickly found that Lydig’s meticulous attention to detail and their relentless demand for the highest quality production from Lydig’s subcontractors are unsurpassed. These qualities played a significant part in this project remaining one the highest quality high school facilities in Eastern Washington.”

Thomas Golden
NAC Architecture

“We often say there is never a dull moment at Snohomish High School, and today certainly proved that point. When the tree fell on B–Building this afternoon you and your crew were quick to respond.  Fences were quickly moved and brought over from the construction lot to block off the area around the tree.  Ideas were brainstormed to provide our students with the safest exit route from campus to their buses.  Leaves were quickly raked and swept to clear the route, and the crew helped supervise students leaving.

I cannot even begin to express my appreciation for all you did to support us this afternoon.  Even though the tree was not ‘your problem’ or ‘your fault’, you joined us as a partner in making Snohomish High School a safe place for staff and students.
Thank you for your quick actions and willingness to help.  I appreciate you.”

Beth Porter
Snohomish High School

“I have come to regard the Lydig and ALSC team as personal friends, allies and a constant resource for all my design and construction needs.  Thank you for my beautiful buildings that enable SEL to make electric power safer, more reliable and more economical!”

Jana Schultheis
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

“This was a design/build project. The quality of the workmanship and materials was outstanding. This is a statement of the contractor’s and A/E ability to maintain an effective QA/QC program. The owner is very happy with the finished product. The owner also requested almost $30,000,000 in scope changes to the contract – Lydig did not request any additional time and the move in date for offenders that was established three years prior was met.”

Jack Olson
WA State Dept. of Corrections

“Lydig was instrumental in selecting and engaging the appropriate sub–contractors. They did a fine job detailing the deliverables for every phase of the construction process. They did not hesitate to recommend different processes and materials that further contributed to an effective and forward looking design. Throughout the project, Lydig focused on exceeding our expectations without compromising quality, financial estimates and final completion date.”

Paul Rose
CEO Expeditors International

“I would like to thank all three of you for going above and beyond the last days/weeks/months and getting the Imaging and Emergency departments open on schedule. You have overcome some incredible hurdles and accomplished something that is extremely rare in the industry today, to be done on time, and you have done that while maintaining the highest of quality!”

Marc Estvold
Port of Anacortes, Island Hospital

“Lydig has shown Food Services of America a level of service equal to and greater than that which we strive to achieve with our own customers.”

Richard H. Wilson
Development Services of America

“I talked to the most vocal neighbor this morning to be sure all was still good, he was falling all over himself talking about what a great job you have done to protect the neighbors. He said that if one of the construction trucks drive close to his property you are there to get them off faster than he can. We understand that takes a lot of effort on your part but believe me we really appreciate your going the extra mile.”

Marc Estvold
Port of Anacortes, Island Hospital

“The Lake Washington HS project, a phased GC/CM project, is challenging at best and I cannot say enough about the Lydig team in general. During price escalation in the market place and extensive value engineering the overall design was never in question and we are now building a school that we can all be proud of. Your ability to provide analysis and make recommendations is an example of the team approach that makes Lydig stand apart from the rest of the field. I would look forward to working with Lydig on any future project.”

Steve Broback
McGranahan Architects

“A team characteristic worth noting is that all times the Lydig personnel demonstrated a ‘can do’ attitude and went beyond what was expected to meet the challenges of this difficult assignment.”

Dave Startzel
CB Richard Ellis

“What was most important to me in working with a construction company was to have a team who could listen. Lydig Construction skillfully shepherded us through the process and had a very collaborative, interactive relationship. Every detail was attended to, always with the patient and family’s experience in mind.”

Gina Drummond
Hospice House Spokane

“Thank all of you for the great job you are doing on the WSU VetMed project. You should all be extremely proud of the success the project has shown because you are the ones who have made it all happen. We still have some hard work ahead and I am very confident that our team will get it done in outstanding fashion. All of you as a team, have raised the bar to an amazing level with your dedication and devotion to the project. I don’t believe I’ve ever worked with as great a team that we have, and you will be a tough act to follow for anyone who ever works at WSU. Thank you again for the great job. It’s a real pleasure to work with you.”

Virgil Hanson
Washington State University