Meet Our People > 60 years

Every day our employees come to work to build something great, improve their communities, and support their families. Lydig employees have been coming to work every day for 60 years. 21,900 days — and every single one matters.

Darlene Schumacher

Senior Contract Administrator

13,877 days

“When we get a new job a job number is assigned to that project, whether it be in the Bellevue office or the Spokane office. Since I’ve been here it’s probably been 600 or 700 jobs. I have several of the jobs memorized…every once in a while somebody will ask me a job number and I will come up with that number, much to their surprise.”

Jeff Stewart

Senior Superintendent

2740 days

“In general my favorite day is very boring, because we’ve planned. I love my jobs to be boring, because you are not getting any surprises....The perfect day for me is nothing is disrupted...I don’t like chaos or unplanned events. That’s what I tell my wife...I’ll say it was boring and she’ll know it was a good day.”

Tommy Kadoya

Project Engineer II

1032 days

“That was another reason why I like working in the construction industry, I go from the biggest carbon fiber manufacturing plant in the world to a fish hatchery, so that’s just an example of the variety and no day is ever the same.”

Lisa Shier

Project Manager

3713 days

“I used to psyche myself up in the trailer… ‘alright you belong here, you can do this, there is no reason not to go out and look around the project, you belong here just as much as anybody else.’ I would tell them [women in construction] to believe in themselves because there is no reason not to.”

Ian Heyn


5527 days

“My first memories of coming to work at Lydig was during the Airport Parking Garage Project [Spokane International Airport]... and shortly after that is when 9/11 happened. I remember hearing about the towers coming down and the work out at the airport pretty much stopped at that point. They drew lines around the airport itself and established a zone that kept everyone away from it and it took several days to get back to work.”

Bob Bennie

Director of Business Development - Eastern Region

2412 days

“...I have seen examples with Lydig where we have gone out of our way to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ve gone out of pocket to make sure that doesn’t happen and that makes my job a heck of a lot easier knowing that I’ve got a whole company behind the promises I can make.”

Chad Uphaus


827 days

“You need to have a shared goal and be able to motivate everyone towards that shared goal. Teaching people is huge in my book. You have to bring everybody up. Rising tide floats all boats.”

Matt Bridgewater


3,135 days

“And to see those kids come and get to tour through the new building on the first day of school; that’s the win. The excitement that you see in their eyes and all that, that’s the fun stuff. That’s what keeps you coming back every day.”

Kevin McCarry

Senior Project Manager

4,532 days

“We all have a schedule, we need to meet deadlines in order to turn over the building to the owner and the end user. Every day does count. It’s very important out there and on every project we run.”

Dee Riley

Diversity Manager

5,130 days

“Helping them and navigating through the process that we have, that is a good day for me. Making a difference with them, and also trying to build their capacity is a huge thing for me. Making a difference – one WMBE firm at a time.”

Melody Lian

Project Engineer II

1,004 days

“I’m changing something in the world… it’s great that you can drive past a building and say I was a part of that project, I built this…I’m very passionate about this industry and that’s what makes me come back every day.”